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We are a state of the art facility located conveniently near freeways and public transport. We offer a wide range of surgical services including – Ophthalmology, Oral Surgery, IVF, Womens Health, Endoscopy, Urology, Gynaecology, Plastic Surgery and General Surgery. To find out which Specialists operate at Wyndham Clinic Private Hospital please email us at

We are located just 15 minutes from the Westgate Bridge and offer ample parking facilities, and an onsite cafe.  Click here for our location.

Wyndham Clinic Private Hospital is fully accredited to AS/NZS ISO-9001:2016, and ACSQHC National Safety and Quality in Health Service Standards.

The facilities we offer include – 2 operating theatres, 18 recovery beds, disabled facilities, chef on site to prepare food catering for all special dietary requirements. See below for the documents you may need including the admission documentation.

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Your Stay


All patients must complete an admission form prior to surgery, which contains the important preadmission health questionnaire. This document becomes the basis for your medical record.

To register you can choose one of three methods:

  1. Complete the paperwork you receive from your doctor’s office, or
  2. PREADMIT   –    Register online – Prefered method

Ask your doctor’s office about the best way for you to register.

Please make sure that we have this information at least 5 days before you are due to arrive at hospital.

The information that you give us will be reviewed by an experienced registered nurse. We will make contact with you prior to your surgery date to ask you some additional questions

Reception – This is your 1st point of contact. Our receptionist will confirm the necessary forms and consents have been completed prior to being admitted. Should you have any out of pocket expenses you will be required to pay these prior to being admitted. You will also be asked who will be escorting you home and caring for you for 24 hours after your anaesthetic.

Admissions – The admission nurse will contact you the day before to ensure we have all your necessary medical information prior to admission. On the day of your surgery the admission nurse will take you through to the change room where you will get changed into a theatre gown. She will also go through your medical history again, check your blood pressure and weight. You will then be taken through to the admission waiting area where you will speak to your surgeon and anaesthetist before your procedure will begin.

Prior to your scheduled procedure, you will be required to fast from all food and drink for between 6 to 8 hours prior to your admission time. Our clinical team will confirm the minimum fasting time at the time of your pre admission call.

Wyndham Clinic Private Hospital has a firm policy in relation to maximum patient BMI score. Wyndham Clinic Private Hospital is unable to provide surgical service to all patient with a BMI index score of greater than 45. In the event you believe you may exceeds this BMI index score, please discuss arrangements with our nursing team at the time of your pre admission call.

Theatre – This is where your procedure will take place.

Recovery – This is where you will wake up after your procedure. When you enter recovery a nurse will be with you to monitor your progress. Once you are feeling well enough and your nurse is happy with your progress you will be moved into one of the recliner chairs. Here you will be given something to eat and drink. If you have special dietary needs let the nurse know so your needs can be met. After you had something to eat and drink and you are feeling well enough the nurse will call your carer to come and pick you up. At this point the nurse will give you your discharge instructions that will explain what you can and can’t do, and any post-operative appointment.


Quality and Safety

Medical Advisory Committee

Wyndham Clinic Private Hospital has a formal Medical Advisory Committee, with representatives from visiting medical officers and surgeons. This committee meets to ensure that the centre complies with all requirements of the relevant legislation. This committee makes recommendations regarding clinical practice, ethical and professional conduct. This is compliant with AS/NZS ISO 9001:2016

Board of Management

Wyndham Clinic Private Hospital has a formal Board of Management consisting of departmental management and supervisory representatives. The committee reviews the quality system to ensure its continuing suitability and effectiveness in satisfying the requirements of all relevant standards, codes of legislation and the requirements of the facility. The review will use data from audit results, risk clear management, patient satisfaction surveys, staff feedback, external documents and review of meeting minutes. This committee meets fortnightly.

How can you help us manage safety and quality

We value our patients and carers feedback. Patient are asked to complete a satisfaction survey prior to discharge. This information is collated and reported to the Board of Management to identify areas that need improvement and staff education. This feedback is treated with the utmost confidentiality and may be provided anonymously.
Please let one of our staff know if you would like to assist with reviewing any of our Safety and Quality initiatives

Patient Centred Care

Wyndham Clinic Private Hospital is committed to the education of staff in the delivery of patient centred care. Staff are given training to ensure compliance. For more information visit

Falls Prevention

Wyndham Clinic Private Hospital screens patients prior to admission to enable us to  recognise and create a safe hospital environment for patients assessed as an increased falls risk. For more information visit

Open Disclosure

Wyndham Clinic Private Hospital is committed to the education of staff about open disclosure. The provision of open and honest disclosure of information pertaining to the patients’ health care is ensured through the delivery of this training. For more information visit

Safe Medication Management

To comply with the Drugs, Poisons and Controlled Substances Act, Wyndham Clinic Private Hospital continually monitors and audits safe medication management to ensure compliance. Staff also undertake annual competency training to minimize risks to our patients. For more information on medication safety visit

Australian Charter of Healthcare Rights

To ensure you all have the necessary information about your Rights and Responsibilities prior to admission please visit

Clinical Partners

Wyndham Clinic Private Hospital considers patients and carers to be partners in the delivery of individualised health care.

Wyndham Clinic Private Hospital welcomes feedback from its patients and their carers.

Please complete our patient satisfaction survey before you leave the Day Surgery Unit and add suggestions and comments that
you feel may improve our service.

Consumer Centred Care

We encourage comments including our performance in delivering patient centred care. How well did we care for you and your
Carer? Can you identify any areas where we can improve if so please let us know via our satisfaction survey.

Partnership Training

Your feedback will be incorporated into training and education for our clinical workforce. What would you like us to include in our
education for our clinical workforce? How can we teach our clinical workforce to work more collaboratively with you as the
patient/carer? How can we be better partners?

Please contact our Director of Nursing, Felicity Connor with any feedback. The information you provide shall be treated with respect and confidentiality.

Open Access Endoscopy

Open Access Endoscopy allows a direct referral from the GP for patients who require endoscopic procedures without prior consultation with a Gastroenterologist.

For Open Access enquires please call 03 8391 9328. Please Fax your referral to: 03 9748 7057

Guidelines for direct access referrals:
This service is available for healthy patients undergoing screening for colon cancer (Overt PR Bleed or Positive FOBT) or uncomplicated reflux.

Open access is NOT AVAILABLE for patients who:

Any patient with any these attributes will be referred to a gastroenterologist for a BULK BILLED pre surgery consultation.

Bowel preparation and fasting instructions will be given to the patient when they book the procedure and each patient will be triaged at that time.


Infection Prevention and Control

Wyndham Clinic Private Hospital has a comprehensive infection prevention and control program in place which is overseen by our external Infection Control Consultant. Our facility and staff are regularly audited for compliance with national infection prevention and control guidelines including: Australian Standards for reprocessing of reusable instruments (AS 4187) and the National Safety and Quality Health Service Standards.
Many human infections are caused either by bacteria or viruses. This site from the Better Health Channel is specifically designed for consumers who want information about bacterial and viral infections. For more information visit

Hand Hygiene Program

Wyndham Clinic Private Hospital is committed to the hand hygiene program and conducts annual competency training and regular audits to ensure compliance. For additional information and consumer fact sheets regarding the 5 moments of hand hygiene and Healthcare Associated Infections visit

Immunisation Compliance

Wyndham Clinic Private Hospital conducts an annual FluVax immunisation programme. This programme is audited and reported to the Board of Management.

External Cleaning Audit

Wyndham Clinic Private Hospital is committed to ensuring the health and well-being of patients and their carers by providing an environment to meet industry standard. Annual auditing of the facility for cleanliness is conducted and is reported to the Board of Management.


Post-operative Surveillance

Wyndham Clinic Private Hospital is committed to ensuring the ongoing health and well-being of patients following discharge. Data pertaining to incidence of surgical site infections is gathered from both surgeons and patients on a monthly basis. This data is reported to the Board of Management.

Preventing and Managing Pressure Areas

To recognise and implement risk management strategies to prevent pressure injuries occurring in our patients pre admission pressure injury assessment is completed. For more information on preventing pressure ulcers please visit

You also can easily contact us through following methods:

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