Werribee Private Hospital Melbourne

About Us

Welcome to Wyndham Clinic Private Hospital, a state of the art facility servicing Melbourne’s West and beyond.  We are located just 15 minutes from the Westgate Bridge and offer a range of patient services in mental health.

We are a 50 bed inpatient mental health facility including a general adult mental health unit, specialised youth/adolescent service and drug and alcohol service. All of our inpatient rooms are private with an en suite and include televisions and free wifi.  We also provide Transcranial Magnetic Stimulation service for treatment resistive depression and a number of day programs. With a dedicated chef on site to prepare meals and can accommodate all special dietary requirements.

Our team are focussed on helping each patient get back to a life of fulfilment.  We have a multi disciplinary team that will provide patients with the skills and support to enhance their well being.  Wyndham Clinic Private Hospital is fully accredited to AS/NZS ISO-9001 2016 and ACSQHC National Safety and Quality in Health Service Standards.


General Adult Mental Health

Wyndham Clinic Private Hospital’s  general adult mental health program includes a comprehensive therapeutic group treatment program aimed at supporting recovery and health through the delivery of sessions that address:

 Community information and living skills
 Social and communication skills
 Psycho-education and recovery skills
 Personal development and life skills
 Healthy lifestyle activities
 Creative and recreation therapy

Wyndham Clinic Private Hospital’s dedicated multidisciplinary team of experienced facilitators provide core modules such as:

 Healthy Lifestyle and exercise education
 Managing difficult emotions
 Self-esteem
 Relaxation
 Relationship skills
 Understanding and managing depression or anxiety
 Managing difficult emotions
 Cognitive Behaviour Therapy (CBT)
 Relapse prevention
 Acceptance & Commitment Therapy (ACT)
 Discharge planning for your return home

Our treatment programs also include groups lead by our Consumer Consultant and Carer Consultant offering families foundations and understanding into your treatment plan. Dedicated Pharmacists and exercise physiologists also work as key members of the patient care team, providing individual based care to patients, we are able to ensure a holistic approach to meeting patient’s needs.

Our general adult mental health program includes group activity 7 day per week. Additional information about the general adult mental health program is provided at admission and then is readily accessible at all times via printed programs, notice boards, community meetings. Patients are encouraged to attend the groups and we recommend that they discuss the program with their psychiatrist, contact nurse or group clinicians to determine the most useful treatment program for each individual.

All patients are provided single private rooms with private ensuites, Wi-Fi access building wide, computer access, newspapers and hospital library access. Wyndham Clinic Private Hospital’s hospitality team lead by our in-house head chef, offers patients an individually prepared menu including three course lunch and dinner options, hot and cold breakfast options and are able to cater to all special dietary needs.

Along with a broad range of inpatient mental health facilities and day programs, the Clinic provides an environment where patients and their families feel safe, supported and comfortable.


iso 9001 accreditation

Accreditation is one tool in a range of strategies that we use to improve safety and quality at Wyndham Clinic Private Hospital. It’s a way of verifying that:

The NSQHS (National Safety and Quality in Health Service) is a set of standards endorsed by Australian Health Ministers in 2011.

These national standards for Australian hospitals provide a clear statement about the level of care consumers can expect from health service organisations.

They also play an essential part in new accreditation arrangements under the Australian Health Service Safety and Quality Accreditation (AHSSQA) Scheme.

We’re proud to have achieved the following in the first month of opening:

Werribee Doctors

Our Team

Our team at Wyndham Clinic Private Hospital strives to offer patients and their families a safe, secure and comfortable environment for rehabilitation. While the Clinic is new, the members of our team have had decades of experience at leading mental health facilities. Because we are a smaller hospital, our team can offer that personal touch.

Chief Executive Officer – Peter Bailey

Director of Nursing – Sophie Harrison

Medical Director – Kirthi Kumar MBBS DPM DNB FRANZCP

Complaints Manager – Sophie Harrison

Business Development Manager – Gareth Graham

Finance Manager – Jenny Nguyen



For all outpatient referrals/enquiries please call 03 9731 6646

Consumer Consultant – Paul Grima

Carer Consultant – Helen Lococo


Values & Mission

Our vision is to provide consumer centred care comprising of a service that encompasses a holistic, compassionate and person centred approach; emphasizing hope, healing and empowerment.

We strive to be a healthcare provider and employer of choice supporting the needs of our growing community. Partnerships with consumers, carers and professional’s provide a collaborative approach in the planning, design and evaluation of health care delivery providing continuous service improvement.

You also can easily contact us through following methods: