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Credentialed Psychiatrists

We have a team of credentialed psychiatrists with broad experience across mental health.  Our intake team will ensure that patients are admitted in a timely manner with one of our team.  For a list of psychiatrists who also run an outpatient clinic at Wyndham Clinic please click here.
Day and inpatient admissions must be under the care of a credentialed psychiatrist. Psychiatrists may arrange for admitting rights by contacting the CEO via email
Each Unit has a lead psychiatrist, see below.
Wyndham Clinic Medical Director
Dr. Kirthi Kumar
Dr. Akinsola Akinbiyi
Dr. Sami Ibrahim
Dr. Raj Mahasuar


Wyndham Clinic Private Hospital welcomes applications for credentialing by psychiatrists to our facility. Our Medical Advisory Committee meets regularly to discuss these applications. To request credential pack click here.

Our CEO Peter Bailey is also available to answer any of your enquiries by phoning (03) 9731 6646.


Wyndham Clinic has attracted medical and health staff to the Wyndham medical precinct by providing opportunities for establishing private practices that are linked with inpatient and other additional supports.

Psychiatrists, specialist physicians and consultants have been attracted by the potential for growth from the arrival of a private mental health service that includes a Clinic, Inpatient Unit and Day Programs. Please Click here to make an outpatient appointment

GP Events

Wyndham Clinic regularly holds GP Education evenings on site. To request more information about our program click here.

Further Information

The Clinic’s 50-bed, voluntary admission inpatient facility will service patients with most mental health disorders. Both in-patient and day patient services will be provided.

Wyndham Clinic Private Hospital provides day patient therapeutic groups. They provide a resource for hard-pressed GPs and allied health professionals to refer patients for specific targeted treatments and interventions. Our inpatient model of care addresses the following:

  • Appropriate and geographically convenient psychiatric inpatient services for referral by local health professionals
  • The presence and support from a large number of GPs and private psychiatrists
  • The need that currently exists in the local community for more, and better, access to patients with both high and low prevalence disorders whom are currently not seen and/or managed by the public mental health service due to high demand
  • Aged psychiatry and a memory clinic
  • Mental health therapies required by the local community and health organisations in greater Melbourne