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NDIS services Wyndham Clinic

Wyndham Clinic Private Hospital is excited to now be a registered NDIS support service.  We will work with you and your funding agency (NDIS) to make sure you receive the support you want and need. Our staff will encourage you to be independent and make decisions for yourself. If you require an interpreter or have specific communication needs, please let us know, so that we can provide resources to support you.

We welcome people from all backgrounds and cultures and believe that to help people feel included and respected it is important to understand and appreciate their history, customs, values, beliefs and traditions. This includes Aboriginal and Torres Strait Island people, the traditional custodians of the land. Our staff has regular training on effective ways to support people from different backgrounds, including Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander, LGBTQIA and diverse cultural and religious groups.

We are offering:

  • Support Co-ordinators

  • Specialist Support Co-ordinators

  • Positive Behaviour Support Practitioners

Please see below for some information on how these services can help you:

Support Co-ordinator:

Every client who accesses Support Coordination at Wyndham Clinic has a “Support Plan” that will be personalised to you.  Your plan details your support needs, the activities of your choice and how you like things done – things you wish to do and the types of support you need.  

Your Support Plan is developed in consultation with yourself and the key people in your life to support you to achieve your goals.

Activities Offered at Wyndham Clinic

There are many different types of activities and services offered at Wyndham Clinic. 

Some of these include:

  • Learning new skills including stress and mood management, mindfulness and relaxation, communication skills, problem solving, dealing with anxiety, self-regulation, self-soothing and distress tolerance, developing daily routines and developing healthy lifestyle and sleep routines.
  • Social skill development including communication and assertiveness skills, group participation skills such as active listening, turn-taking, participation and appropriate sharing, and active practice of social skills whilst interacting with health professionals and other participants
  • Case Management/Specialist Support Coordination to put your NDIS plan into action, help you choose and connect with your supports, and achieve your goals.
  • Therapeutic Supports including 1:1 support and day program groups delivered by a multidisciplinary team from Psychology, Occupational Therapy, Social Work, Exercise Physiology, and Mental Health Nursing.

Day Programs as part of Wyndham Clinic’s mental health service we offer a range of Day Programs. Please see the Day Programs section of our website https://wyndhamclinic.com.au/mental-health/day-programs/

Positive Behaviour Support

Wyndham Clinic provides a safe and supportive environment by adhering to the NDIS Practice Standards and the NDIS Positive Behaviours Support Capability Framework.

Our Behaviour Support Practitioners are all registered health professionals who use their years of experience to create opportunities for positive behaviour support strategies that include the least restrictive practices.

Wyndham Clinic Behaviour Support Practitioners use a person-centred, strengths-based approach to assess and understand the underlying factors impacting on a person’s quality of life. We look at personal considerations (such as ability, triggers, thinking patterns and habits, physical, emotional, cultural, family and support needs, functions of particular behaviours, strengths and preferences), environmental and systemic context, and challenges in participation and performance of daily activities. We can then develop effective behaviour support plans, in collaboration with the client, their family and support system, to promote safety, recovery, independence and participation, while reducing the occurrence, risk and impact of behaviours of concern.

Health & Safety

Wyndham Clinic aims to promote a safe and supportive environment and to ensure that client safety and wellbeing are paramount within programs and activities.

Staff may be required to complete a home safety assessment or a risk assessment to make sure everyone is safe. Any client or staff related event resulting in, or having a potential for harm to any person, the environment or property must be reported by staff. It will then be recorded in our incident management system.


An advocate is someone you choose to help represent your interests. They can assist you in finding out more information, help you have your say about the services you need or receive, or act on your behalf.  

An advocate can be a family member, a friend, a representative from another organisation or specific advocacy group. Several groups can assist you to help you give feedback or make a complaint. Some advocacy groups/resources are listed below:

Advocacy Resources

VALiD (funded by the State Government as an advocacy group for adults with intellectual disabilities and their families.)


Action on Disability in Ethnic Communities (ADEC)

 Office of the Public Advocate

For more information or to speak to our team and make a booking please call us on 03 9731 6646.