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Finding the Right Private Mental Health Hospitals in Melbourne

Are you or a loved one struggling with depression, drug or alcohol addiction, anxiety or borderline personality disorder? Have you been looking for private mental health hospitals in Melbourne to entrust with your care and recovery? If so, then Wyndham Clinic Private Hospital might be the right place for you.

Two years ago, we opened our doors at Wyndham with the goal of offering a new and modern mental health hospital. Our services range from inpatient stay to outpatient care, and from youth mental health programs to drug and alcohol detox and rehabilitation. We built this hospital with the mission statement of providing a ‘holistic, compassionate and person-centred approach’ to healthcare. We ’emphasize hope, healing and empowerment,’ with the aim of giving our patients the strength and resilience to win their battles and move on with their lives.

We at Wyndham Clinic Private Hospital provide flexible healthcare options to help patients make strides towards recovery. With a talented and compassionate team of doctors, a safe and comfortable environment and the choice of both community-based recovery programs and inpatient residential care programs. If you have been searching for a private mental health hospital in Melbourne, you won’t find a more patient-centered option than Wyndham Clinic Private Hospital.

Are you interested in becoming a patient at Wyndham Clinic Private Hospital, or in learning more about the hospital as a potential recovery spot for a friend or family member? We invite you to learn more about us online, at